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This is a normal shipping fanfiction written by Epsilon player 9 ANIME FREAK 01 06:29, May 1, 2014 (UTC), who owns none of the rights.

                                                   A WALK TO REMEMBER Edit


" And then they lived happily ever after................." 

She sighed reading the last chapter of the book she had issued from the library earlier this day, and looked up at the sky. Dark clouds began to come over the sky and cover the sun, almost  engulfing it. Sola fought to give its light to the world, bun soon the thick, dark blanket covered the sky. She closed her eyes and got up, heading towards the forest.

Happily Ever After? Not in her case........ She was beautiful, very beautiful. Everyone who saw her thought she was a ' Frozen Princess'... Her icy eyes had a strange sparkle and twinkle. Her hair had always had that natural shine. When she smiled, the whole world stopped and stared for a while. But nature had gifted her beauty, not peace of mind. 

She slowly walked through the forest,  looking down to avoid any logs and mud. She could hear the chirping of mocking jays, and the sounds of small wild animals.