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Others Names None
Characters being shipped Afuro Terumi

Fubuki Shirou

Kind/Type Yaoi
Ship Day 9/10 and 10/9

AfuFubu is a ship hinted in the Inazuma Eleven series.

The japanese Shipping name is: 吹照 or 照吹


  • Fubuki thanked Aphrodi for all of his help after he had been injured.
  • Fubuki was in a fragile state when Aphrodi returned to help the Inazuma Caravan fight against the aliens, and Aphrodi was easily able to see that Fubuki needed some of the weight taken off his shoulders to start to properly functioning again.
  • After the first match of his return, Aphrodi was sort of informed about Fubuki's issue and didn't look down on him or think less of him; he simply promised, silently, to hold Fubuki's place until he was able to return.
  • Aphrodi continued to look after Fubuki, in his own way, up until the match with Chaos where he injured himself a bit severely while trying to hold Fubuki's place and break through their defense.
  • The scene on the hospital roof, Fubuki visiting Aphrodi and telling him he's amazing.