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Characters being shipped Endou Mamoru

Kazemaru Ichirouta

Kind/Type Yaoi
Ship Day 1/2 (Jan. 2)

This is a shipping about two best friends, Endou and Kazemaru, from the Inazuma Eleven universe.


It is noted that during the first episode Endou seems to have been friends with Kazemaru for a long time, which is confirmed in the first game.

At episode 1, Kazemaru joined the Raimon team, and held out his hand to Endou.

In the first match against Teikoku Gakuen, when Henmi, Sakuma and Jimon are shooting at Endou, Kazemaru pushes him to save him and to receive those shoots.

In Episode 15, when Miyasaka tells Kazemaru to come back to Athletics club, Endou listens the conversation in the riverbank. Endou sits on his soccer ball next to Kazemaru and helps him to think a bit more about both clubs. The scene ends with Endou putting his hand in Kazemaru's shoulder and falls off from the ball, very near from his friend.

In Episode 16, Kazemaru tells Endou that he will stay with him in the soccer club. In the match against Sengoku Igajima, Kazemaru is the only one to notice that Endou is hurt.

In Episode 28, when they are playing against Gemini Storm, the same scene in the episode 2 with Teikoku Gakuen. Kazemaru saves Endou from the strong shoots of the players of Gemini Storm.

In Episode 33, Endou and Kazemaru sit together on the top of the Inazuma Caravan and talk while looking the stars.

In Episode 39, when Raimon is arriving to Inazuma City, they stop in the riverbank when they see Shadow and Sugimori training in the field. Endou and Kazemaru go out the caravan to watch them better, and, when Endou runs to approach them, Kazemaru goes with him immediately.

In Episode 45, Kazemaru leaves the team after the match against the Genesis because he says that he is not strong enough. As a consecuence, Endou goes into a state of depression and he does not want to play soccer, although this sports is almost his life.

In Episode 64/65 Endou snaps Kazemaru out of the control of the Aliea Meteorite, symbolizing their strong bond.

In Episode 125, when Inazuma Japan get the victory in FFI against Little Giants, Kazemaru jumps to hug Endou.

In general, Kazemaru is always looking at Endou and he cares a lot about him, and after the match against Dark Emperors, when Endou saves Kazemaru, their bond gets stronger.