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Characters being shipped Otonashi Haruna

Kogure Yuuya

Kind/Type Normal
Ship Day ??/?? (???)


KoguHaru is a ship hinted in the Inazuma Eleven series.



In Episode 35, Haruna finds herself in Kogure when the Raimon Eleven are told that he was betrayed by his parents in his younger days. On the way to the Manyuuji Soccer Club room, she notices Kogure's movements as he performs his disciplinary activies. Only when Natsumi calls out to her does she snap back to attention. Later that evening, she confides to Kidou that she would have turned out to become like Kogure had Kidou not been there for her. When Kidou leaves, she finds Kogure preparing another prank in the Manyuuji Soccer Club room and gets angry. She scolds him and taunts him that he is only pranking them because he has no confidence in his own abilities. Kogure becomes riled up and accepts her challenge. During Kogure's challenge, Haruna recognizes his movements as they are similar to his movements when cleaning. Here, she acknowledges him as a soccer player.

When Epsilon attacks, Haruna insists that Kogure take the place of the eleventh player needed to complete the team. Despite the fact Kogure did not believe in himself, Haruna urged him and told him that she too believed in him. Thanks to her urging, Kogure joins the Raimon Eleven and realizes his true abilities.

Throughout the series, Haruna is usually the one who scolds Kogure whenever he pulls a prank and tries to set him straight.


In Episode 21, at the end of the Raimon vs Akizora Challengers match, Haruna still remembers the pranks Kogure would pull in junior high. This caused her to hesitate when Kogure held out his hand. Kogure chuckled, knowing Haruna, and promised he would not pull anymore pranks.