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Kyouten is the most popular pairing in Inazuma Eleven GO! The pairing includes Tenma and Tsurugi.

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  • Kyousuke can almost always be seen next to and of near Tenma and he generally cares about him to the point where he helps Tenma release his keshin and is very satisfied with the results.
  • Kyousuke also chose Tenma as his partner in the Fire Tornado Double Drive hissatsu, as he believed Tenma was the one to change him.
  • Not to mention Tenma loves glomping Tsurugi.
  • In the Holy Road finals, Tsurugi stops referring to him as "Matsukaze" in the decisive shoot.
  • Tsurugi refers to the day they first meet with each other as the day our fates run together (english sub)
  • Tsurugi and Tenma are rivals at the beginning, but later, because of Tenma's trust in him, Tsurugi finally join the revolution.
  • Tsurugi knew about the keshin energy inside Tenma, and decided to help him.
  • They always support each other, for example, when Tsurugi doesn't play soccer well, or when Tenma loses his concentration on the field.
  • They developed their own hissatsu called Fire Tornado Double Drive, and have a tough time practising it.
  • Tsurugi's shown to think that the only reason why he's able to be here (may refer to playing soccer with passion), it's because Tenma was there.
  • Tsurugi seems to be closest to Tenma.

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  • Matsukaze Tenma seems to know best about Tsurugi Kyousuke (as Mannuba Gibutsu a.k.a Fake Tsurugi is told to be careful because of this).
  • When the fake Tsurugi reveals himself is an alien, and the real one is abducted, Tenma is the most shocked one.
  • When Sorano Aoi, Nishizono Shinsuke and Nozaki Sakura have a conversation, Aoi and Shinsuke state that Tsurugi and Tenma competes with each other all the times. Tenma sends Tsurugi passes so Tsurugi would make the shoots, and their combination is the factor which has brought the team to victory.
  • Aoi also says that Tsurugi is most influenced by Tenma, and Tenma is also most influenced by Tsurugi, as he took in all Tsurugi's good points.
  • Also, when Tenma is made the captain, it is Tsurugi who supports him the whole times.
  • They keep on motivating each other to become stronger, stated by Nozaki Sakura.
  • Nozaki Sakura also stated that they are ''super best friend''
  • When Tsurugi is first seen after his abduction on Faram Obius, Tenma cries.
  • As Tsurugi takes off his cape, reveals that he's a player for Faram Dite, Tenma is shocked the most, and as the matter of fact, he can't concentrate on the field.

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